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Fit in First AidFit in First Aid

Fit in First Aid

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Yannik Niebuhr

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Kreisverband Leipzig-Stadt e.V.
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Please inform yourself here with current messages from our district association.

Please bring a certificate of negative coronavirus antigen test not older than 24 h to the beginning of the course. This does not apply to persons whose final vaccination was given more than 14 days ago. Alternatively, please bring proof of your vaccination.  Also exempt from producing a negative test are people who can provide documentation of having previously contracted a Corona infection in the past 6 months. Unfortunately, on-site testing directly before the start of the course is not possible due to organisational reasons.

Do you feel unsure about helping in an emergency situation?
Does the idea of administering first aid scare you?
Now is your chance to improve your confidence with short first aid training courses!

The DRK Kreisverband Leipzig-Stadt e.V. offers short courses of 90 minutes each, which can be visited independently.
It is the perfect way to bring your knowledge up to date when you have little time available to you.

Each module consists of 2 teaching units (90 minutes).

320.00 euros (fixed price) per module for companies, maximum 16 applicants per module
20.00 euros per module for private individuals, minimum 12 participants

Important Information:
These modules are not covered by the Berufgenossenschaften.

Module I ‚What to do after a traffic accident’ (90 minutes)


  • Securing an accident site, contacting emergency services
  • Rescue injured person/persons from motor vehicles
  • Control of vital functions
  • Recovery position
  • Helmet removal

Module II ‚Circulation’ (90 minutes)


  • Contacting emergency services
  • Control of vital functions
  • Administering CPR
  • Defibrillation
  • Heart Attack

Module III ‚Wounds and Dressings’ (90 minutes)


  • Wound care with practical examples
  • Wound care (group work)
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Burns – extinguishing a person (clothing on fire)

Dates for all courses by arrangement.
Please direct all enquiries to the training centre.