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First Aid CourseFirst Aid Course

First Aid Course

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Please familiarise yourself here first with the most recent messages from our district association.

Please bring a certificate of negative coronavirus antigen test not older than 24 h to the beginning of the course. This does not apply to persons whose final vaccination was given more than 14 days ago. Alternatively, please bring proof of your vaccination.  Also exempt from producing a negative test are people who can provide documentation of having previously contracted a Corona infection in the past 6 months. Unfortunately, on-site testing directly before the start of the course is not possible due to organisational reasons.

The first aid course is basically aimed at every one who is interested, without requiring any previous knowledge. The high number of emergencies in different areas of our lives makes it vitally important to have as many trained first aiders in our community as possible.

The first aid course is absolutely necessary for operational requirements for employer’s liability insurance association/Accident Insurance Fund DGUV Grundsatz 304-001.

First aiders can find more information here.

The first aid course is a prequisite for the acquisition of all drivers licences.
It is also aimed at youth group leaders, medical students, teachers and trainees who are obligated to take part in a first aid course.

The first aid course comprises of 9 teaching units (9 units) of 45 minutes each.

47.00 euros


  • Protecting the accident site
  • Encountering an injured person/persons
  • Control of vital functions
  • Contacting emergency services
  • Recovery position
  • Resuscitating a patient
  • Administering CPR
  • Wound care
  • Dealing with broken bones
  • Burns
  • A variety of useful practical exercises

Important Information:
Nothwithstanding the above mentioned particpant fee, the state trade association will be covering the costs. It is important to have the necessary forms filled out, stamped and signed.

To the schedule overview and registration
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Forms for all professional associations: registration form

  • If the training period for first aiders exceeded – what should be done?

    According to DGUV regulation 1, principles of prevention ‚ the employer or organisation is to ensure that the first aider receives further training every two years.

    Should the training period may be exceeded due to the current situation, there is now a certain scope for action. Currently,  first aiders with ‚expired‘ training  can be utilised within the work place. This permissible excess period is an individual decision made by the company (management, company doctor).

    To assist with this decision, take into consideration the experience of the first aider and their area of application, however even with long term and experienced first aiders, the period of 2.5 years should not be exceeded.

    After this period of time, the employee should participate in a first aid training course.